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2015-05-08 09.27.48I’ve been many things, and done even more; storyteller, survivor, artist and writer. Shit-stirrer, horribly bad at social situations and scenarios, mother and daughter, partner and enemy. Greeter of the Dead, Sacred Mourner and psychopomp. Some of those things, I still am. Some, I haven’t been for years.

I’m a retired-from-public-service Dirt-Witch; for me, this means my practice is comprised of both the practical and the mystical, instinctual magick which is a blend of whatever is needed at the time. Conjure, hoodoo, chaos mage, psychopomp, kitchen and garden witch-work, whatever works, whatever is needful. Bones and blood and dirt, flowers and fruit and glitter is what I am made of. Dirt-Witching has a wide scope – it’s not pretty, it’s not formal, but it gets the work done. It’s folding laundry and treating scale mites on my chickens and chanting over a glyph to create change in the weather. It’s healing my cats with herbs and energy work when I can, or taking them to the vet and  grateful I’ve been frugal enough to pay the bills. It’s canning and preserving, planting seedlings and never weeding enough. It’s knowing when to work healing for oneself and when to accept a chronic illness cannot be healed by magic no matter how powerful a witch you might be.  It’s knowing when to choose your battles, and when to climb down someone’s throat and rip out a vital organ or two.

It’s being fierce and fearless, even when terrified. It’s stumbling along the less trodden path and tearing your skin on thorns, then stumbling with wonder into the middle of a wildflower-strewn glade no human eyes have seen for over a century.

It looks easy, idyllic, and romanticised.

It isn’t.

This blog is mostly about gardening, which may seem weird, but gardening forms a vital purpose to my work. On a practical level, it allows me to grow food for family and friends. It’s my nod to a smallholding whilst living in a council property, and the results are good. It also allows me to perform Work and Services for the genius loci, my Powers That Be, the Beasts that Are, and lets me straddle the hedge between Here and There with ease; my garden and the proximity of working in it gives me a tether and a bond to the earth. I learn from observation of leaf and bee, flower and weed. Everything has a purpose, everything has a place.  It’s not ‘white’ magic, nor ‘black’, and there’s no three-fold-law in my workings. I’ll bless, I’ll curse, if either is needed; Dirt-Witching isn’t doing what’s comfortable. It’s doing what’s necessary, what’s right, and what’s needed.

Be well, be blessed, be strong, be fierce, be fearless.


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