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I’m playing around with new website formats, just for a change, so excuse the dust and bear with me. The blog is as posted above, and I’ll try and figure out what I want to go where, and how to do it.

Be well, be blessed, be strong, be fierce, be fearless.


Bealtaine Cottage

...A small cottage, nestled into the west of Ireland...a sustainable sanctuary for Mother Earth, with magical gardens powered by Goddess-inspired Permaculture, innovated by Colette O'Neill. Mother Earth can live without us. We cannot live apart from Her. It's time to nurture and care for our only home.

Owl Hill Farm

Gods, goats, gythia

Foxglove & Firmitas

Life, Death, & the Polytheist Revival

Loki's Bruid

Tales of a Lokean Swamp Witch

The Garum Factory

Great food, real life

Josephine McCarthy

Magical musings in a strange world

Hen Corner

A little bit of country life in West London...

Magickal Connections

Tarot & Witchcraft ~ with author, Amythyst Raine

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

The Musings of a Vanic Conspirator


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